Transparent Communication

According to the teachings of Thomas Hübl


How can we see, in this time of crisis, not only the challenges but also the opportunities? The current global challenges make the reality of our interdependence more visible than ever. It is becoming increasingly difficult to think of "my" well-being as separate from the well-being of my community or the planet as a whole. It is a fertile time for seeds of change, for learning a new way of coexisting.


How can we find a better relationship, which is at the same time mutually supportive and free, between our individual fulfillment and our bonds, groups, and communities?


Only in deep connection with our inner wisdom can we establish deep connections with others and with the world we inhabit. From this connection, I am a living force contributing to the construction of a conscious community. A conscious community, in turn, is a field that enhances my personal development, my expansion, and my sense of fulfillment.


The practice of TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION offers us concrete tools to heal and empower one of our fundamental resources: the relationship with ourselves and the world around us. 


At the base of this practice is the cultivation of presence. To cultivate presence is to be a co-creator of the script of the film of my life, both in the personal and in the collective sphere. Cultivating presence is seeing, feeling, listening, being aware, and being in resonance with both my internal and external world. Being in resonance we can communicate with ourselves and others from an intimate understanding, from love. That communication is a powerful and healing communication. It is a communication that honors with what is, and opens the doors to inspiration and co-creation.


The practice of presence in relationship can be synthesized in three steps:


  • Self-contact

  • Conscious tuning with the other

  • Group Coherence


The invitation is to practice these three steps in each of our daily interactions. In this workshop, we will offer a space to practice from deep listening and subtle perception.


TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION is a set of practices developed over the past 19 years by Thomas Hübl and his students, weaving together mystical knowledge, principles of psychology, neuroscience, and the refinement of our own intuitive understanding. The more we practice, the more we become aware of a dimension of reality where our deepest longings and potential lie: the dimension of our interdependence or mutuality - the longing of our hearts.