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I am honored, for the second time, to be part of the mentoring team in next Thomas Huebl's 2-year long training. 


If you wish to apply, you will be required to attend one of the two Introductory Workshops offered in Hof Oberlethe, Germany, on the following dates:

  1. May 10-12, 2019

  2. October 4-6, 2019


For more details about the training, please visit the Timeless Wisdom Training page.


Skills for prevention, recognition, co-regulation, and integration of trauma within our communities. 

Human connections are one of our strongest healing resources and, at the same time, the channel through which we may suffer our most traumatizing experiences. The trauma inflicted by one human being onto another is, in general, the most difficult to heal. Based on this understanding, since many years, I have been gradually shifting the focus of my work from working with individuals to working with communities. After working for several years with Somatic Experiencing and Family Constellations, the current focus of my investigations is on using and adapting these tools for collective healing and the creation of healthier communities.


I am very pleased to offer this new training together with Kosha Joubert, CEO of Global Ecovillage Network. Weaving together Kosha's extensive experience in building communities, and my own experience working with trauma in various countries, we want to offer you tools for prevention, recognition, and transformation of trauma within our communities.


The contents of the training include:

‣ Community building skills 
‣ Personal, Intergenerational, and Collective Trauma
‣ Introduction to Psychophysiological and Neurobiological Research
‣ Community as a resource – Global Ecovillage Network
‣ Personal and communal sources of resilience
‣ Transparent Communication
‣ Trauma recognition in myself and in others

‣ Trauma self-regulation: skills for influencing our nervous systems
‣ Trauma co-regulation: hosting and healing trauma together
‣ Collective Agreements and Cultural Shadows
‣ Practice of Presencing and healing trauma in Community
‣ Reconciliation and Restoration
‣ Art, Celebration, and Rituals: Culture as Resource​


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