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Updated: May 13, 2023

The more we see the people around us from the inside, the clearer and more compassionate our communication becomes. This is the basis of a ‘new we’.

We often take the world as it appears to us as given. We believe that the world is the way we see it... But are we able to realise that every person turns the world into their own world? Moment by moment. We colour reality and make it our ‘universe of experience’ – ‘our’ life, ‘our’ space of inner experience.

The quality of our habitual communication expands in quantum leaps when we learn to perceive the inner spaces of experience of the people we are facing. If we all see everything of everybody, if the worlds in which people live become openly visible to us, if we don't privatise everything anymore, and everything is transparent for everybody, then a new basis for interaction and realisation appears. We call this transparent communication: It is the foundation of a ‘new we’.

The next step of evolution for humanity as a collective includes a new dimension of we – a we that is marked by a new dimension of interpersonal relationship and that radiates a higher potential of intelligence. In order to allow this intersubjective space to be created, we need a new clarity, a higher measure of authenticity and awakeness. This supports us in creating an awake, present field of consciousness as a base for everything in life.

We are all living in and through an intersubjective field of possibilities. We – as individual viewpoints – are ingrained in a collective field, the quality of which depends on our focus of consciousness as well as that of everybody else. The consciousness of the people surrounding us has sometimes an impact on the ways we see the world.

The more transparent and open our communication is, the more nuances we can perceive in the person we are facing. All the subtle no's that often cause an undiscovered barrier in our exchange are immediately revealed. This awakeness and ability is given to all of us at birth. Many people though have never learned to use it consciously. Schools and universities generally do not teach how to communicate with an expanded radius of perception.

Every moment contains far more information than most people perceive. The more awake we are in the Now, the clearer the spectrum of possibilities that lies sleeping inside us becomes. Every conversation is an art. Every moment can be experienced on many levels of consciousness.

Transparent Communication can find its way e.g. into intimate relationships, sexuality and with our children. In every contact we will experience the increased form of perception as an enrichment. The deeper we can see our partners from the inside, the greater the intimacy becomes. When we realise that a communication barrier is about to build up, we don't unconsciously get stuck in it or provoke stagnating

conflicts. We rather align ourselves creatively, with all the attendant tension.

This is just as effective in our professional everyday life: in every company, organisation and of course in every therapeutic or healing context.

Transparent Communication includes several factors:

  • The recognition of inner experience spaces

The respective filter system (all conditionings, belief systems, withheld energies and

potentials etc.) marks the perception of the moment, because every person lives in

his/her individually- coloured world.

  • The open space of relationship

As soon as we contract inside and narrow the mutual space of communication, we

decrease the potential of the moment and thereby also our mutual creativity. We feel

separate from the other.

  • Expansion of our subtle energy perception

The more we are able to read the information of the moment in the field of

consciousness, the more transparent people are to us, the deeper our compassion and

understanding becomes.

  • Authentic response to the now

The recognition of inner-experience spaces

If we recognise that we do not meet people but worlds in which they live, we are having a fundamental realisation: every person has their own colouring of reality. Everybody gives the world his/her cosmic fingerprint and interprets this experience according to his/her state of consciousness. And every inner-experience space looks slightly different. If we perceive these inner spaces, we have a strong communication advantage: we no longer see only ourselves.

Suddenly we are able to grasp the inner worlds of other people through our compassion. We are leaving behind the opinion that everybody sees the world the way we do. At the same time we are ready to know totally new worldviews and to greet them as individual truths. This opens up a much greater space of communication. This space is holy.

There is one basic rule of communication: the space of relationship always remains open. If we are able, in any context, independently of the contents, not to contract, but to stay consciously connected, we manage the art of communication. Often we see that people are talking to each other, but neither of them is really present. It seems as though an exchange is happening. If we feel into it more deeply, we realise that both are following their own automatism. This neither leads to a deeper understanding nor to a satisfying contact.

The more awake our perception is in each moment, the more we realise even the slightest signs of non-presence in the other... We can address this instantly. And immediately the level of energy rises.

Transparent Communication is a way of holding the

degree of awakeness of humans much higher.

The more we recognise the worlds in which the other is living - and we realise that we appear in this world with a distorted face - the more we meet each other in the depth of our being. We know that nobody perceives us the way we see ourselves in the mirror in the morning. More and more we realise what motivates people to say and do. The more I understand their world and experience it from the inside, the closer I get to them.

When I look as the deepest in every pair of eyes

I see the world with all eyes in the world.

As a starting point for transparent communication we need, as we said before, the ability to recognise other spaces of experience. How can this ability be formed if we all look into the world through different filters?

First of all we need to realise that we all are living in different worlds of perception. Then I can open myself to finding out how other people see, think and feel and how their inner space forms accordingly.

Compassion, connectedness and awakeness are factors that increase our ability to realise. Our natural congenital gifts of empathic exchange show that we all have entrance to this form of communication. Often it is buried through emotional blocks or was not adequately developed in the course of our development.

The open space of relationship

Every contact takes place in a field of consciousness. As long as this field is open and connected, creativity can flow. If we start to narrow the space or to even close it, we separate from the person we are facing – and a ‘position’ develops. This holds back the potential of the moment and mostly we leave the relationship frustrated.

If we want to make communication an art, we need a high sensitivity for the space in which exchange is happening. If we manage to preserve the space of relationship during a conversation and at the same time see the inner world of the person we are with, we experience totally new forms of communication.

From a certain level of awakeness we become the inner looking of life and thereby the

core, the basis of all inner-experience spaces. We recognise ourselves as the deepest

place in all hearts.

The individualised viewpoint of an isolated I expands gradually and gives space to many viewpoints. In a very natural way understanding develops through this. Many perspectives and approaches of interpreting the world have space in a whole piece of art – and all take up their place in the gigantic cosmic play. We no longer need to convince people of our standpoints, but instead we can include all levels of life and appreciate their position.

These are basic elements of a new we. Everyone is taking their stand as an expression of a potential. A field which supports the individual creative expression as a version of evolution and which accommodates all in one space.

Authentic response to the Now

Transparent Communication needs authentic expression: all the impulses that arise in us in this moment. The more strength and directness that are expressed unfiltered, and are at the same time connected, the more authentic we are. All energy or power in us which cannot live moves in front of our perception as a filter. The unlived potential forms the prison in which we find ourselves daily. We experience this as tensions in our bodies, on the emotional level or as exaggerated thinking activity. The less power can flow through us, the more we are occupied with our lives in thought.

If we manage to allow the free expression which is connected to the whole, no energy is suppressed in us. We feel more free and at the same time more creative. Our potential can realise itself and the feeling of life-flow rises.

Transparent Communication is above all a practice of creating more present fields and supporting an awakeness in the moment. In the presence of an awakened person we are naturally also more present ourselves. If this begins to expand all over the globe, we find people at their working place or in relationships no longer sleepy and bored. Partnerships do not fall into patterns so easily; we can encourage the potential of our children.

Transparent Communication is an art which we can apply everywhere. It needs permanent practice and awakeness and that is what we want in the world: people who sit in the subway with awake eyes, who are deeply connected with their partners in a business talk.

Recognising the No of the Moment

Sometimes we can observe with people that the communicative exchange already stagnates under the surface; and both of them are still talking to each other... As if the waves of the ocean were clashing against the rocks on the coast. This is a sign of nonpresence. Probably everybody knows this: suddenly the energy field of the other closes up, it says: No! If we are not careful in a situation like this, we are speaking against closed gates.

The art of communication is to perceive all movements of the entire space fully awake and to dance with them while totally alive. If we notice that the intensity of the space decreases, we explore whether the energy of the moment is really being recognised, or if we are about to lose ourselves in an unconscious conversation.

Our bodies show us this in every moment. The more sensitive we become and the more awake we are with all movements in the Now, the deeper the realisation of the life flow, the highest potential of Now.

If we watch ancient Tai-Chi masters during their exercises, we can see: the clear flow of the moment is the basis of every movement. We are able to experience this in every communication – given that we are mindful in our presence.

Transparent Communication, a form of awake interaction, can be applied to all areas of life. Whether we are in therapeutic interventions, business talks or in our intimate relationships, the influence of awakeness and lived compassion reveals its impact everywhere.




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