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Refining the way we use our bodies, has enormous benefits on our whole life, and can, literally, change our destinies. Scientific research has shown that yoga is one of the most powerful ways to come out of chronic stress and tension patterns.


My vision of yoga is as a path with no path, a way to liberate and awaken the life force within our cells. The essence of ancient yoga is not about doing. It is about undoing. It is not about doing asanas (commonly understood as yoga “postures”), or practicing repetitive movements. It is about finding and liberating life from stuck/unfelt places in our bodies. When we find the life that moves us from within, we can bring this awareness into our everyday life, and start to rediscover the pleasure of effortless breathing, walking, talking, and doing whatever needs to be done with more ease, joy, and energy. 


After having a daily meditation and yoga practice for many years, in 2002, I started training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique - a method to bring awareness to the way we use our bodies in everyday life. During this training, I started to develop a personal approach to yoga. In 2015, I discovered the work of Wanda Scaravelly, a disciple of B. K. S. Iyengar. I felt immediately identified with its deep listening and unwinding explorations. Since then, I am a committed student of Diane Long, Wanda’s longest time disciple, and I work very closely with Louise Simmons, Diane's closest disciple. The transformation I am experiencing is simply astonishing, and the universal principles of this work inform my whole practice as a coach and therapist.









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