ICP is a process for personal or group transformation based on the understanding that health and growth come from within when we foster:

  • Internal coherence

  • Integration with supportive environments

  • Alignment with potential/higher values


The pillars of the process are:

  1. Holding a space of precise attunement.

  2. Recognising specific needs or goals.

  3. Exploring self awareness of physical, emotional, and mental experience, recognising incoherences and providing space and guidance for these to be integrated.

  4. Exploring connection with circles of belonging: family, community, work environment, organisations and wider collectives. Providing support to heal relations. Finding true purpose through clarifying the person's or group's place within the relational networks.

  5. Exploring connection with higher values and unique personal or group potential. Supporting personal and group access to insight and intuition.

  6. Providing integral practices and guidance for further work.


The basic tools:

Somatic Experiencing

Systemic Constellations

Inner Science & Transparent Communication

  • Sessions can be booked individually.

  • There is no commitment needed for a certain number of sessions, but each process lasts a maximum of 10 sessions. On the 10th session there is a revision of the process, and an exploration of possible next steps.

  • 1:1 sessions: Duration - One hour | Cost - £ 105 or  € 120

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