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Somatic Experiencing

Relational Psychotherapy

Systemic Constellations

IACTP (Individual, Ancestral, Collective Trauma Integration Process)

Transpersonal Psychology 

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Alexander Technique

I facilitate personal and collective processes for integration, transformation, and growth. My work is based on a deep connection with myself, in resonance with my clients. I love team work and connecting people, contributing to healthier, more sensitive and intelligent communities and organizations.


Reducing stress, raising emotional presence, relational understanding, and boosting creativity are the means and goals of my work. Drawing from leading edge therapies, neuroscience, clinical experience, and mystical wisdom; a rich body of knowledge and personal experience provides a framework for the organic wisdom of each person or group to blossom. 


Since 1993 I am deeply committed to a systematic investigation of consciousness, trauma healing, and personal development, threading the communion between science and mysticism and, since the year 2000 I offer private consultations and workshops. Following my vision quest, I traveled and lived in India, Nepal, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil, working closely with renowned teachers, and maintaining an ongoing meditation and yoga practice.  and. Since 2014 I've chosen to work very closely with Thomas Hübl, from whom I'm blessed to receive continuous personal guidance and supervision.


I am currently involved with different research groups in developing an open-source body of knowledge on personal and collective trauma. I am also participating in various forums and communities dedicated to developing responsible leadership models and societal templates for a sustainable global culture.


My home base is in the community of Findhorn, Scotland, but I'm often traveling for workshops, and I work online internationally.


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“I was lucky enough to participate in a workshop led by Giselle in 2016. She brings an exquisite love, tenderness and clarity to her work, and a rare mixture of strength and deep listening. These qualities create an incredibly safe space in which I and others could feel held and seen, and where, therefore, deep inner work could be done.”  -  Belinda James, Coach, Actor; Tisbury, Great Britain.    

"Coming from Mindfulness, body psychotherapies, and Somatic Experiencing, I was searching for a personal therapeutic space which contemplated the different dimensions of these approaches. I found this and much more in my therapy with Giselle. Her approach combining Somatic Experiencing and Family Constellations allowed me to heal deep aspects of my life, which I had not been able to access in previous therapies. The work also facilitated various experiences of expanded consciousness, which could be integrated as we worked completely rooted in bodily sensations and presence. Giselle’s impeccable and loving presence was a great support in this process. It has been a great help in my personal and profesional development." Carlos Cabrera, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness instructor; Montevideo, Uruguay -

I worked with Giselle during a period of over two years during which time she was periodically visiting the Findhorn Foundation community, where I live. We also worked extensively by Skype. Her work combining Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellations and spiritual practice was, for me, a remarkable combination of skill and sensitivity which helped me a lot in dealing with the effects, sometimes severe, of childhood abuse and trauma on my life. She supported me in learning skills which I can now use myself. I know that I can refer back to her by Skype in the future if I need further support. I am profoundly grateful for Giselle's support and found her to be a very trustworthy person to work with." Dominic Stuart;  Kinloss, Scotland.

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Professional Diploma in Architecture

Universidad de la República - Uruguay, 1984/1994



SAT, Personal & Professional Training

Claudio Naranjo - Uruguay, 1993

Psycophysical Techniques

Graciela Figueroa - Montevideo, 1993/1999

Yogic Sciences Certificate

Bihar School of Yoga - India, 1999/2000

Integrative Breathing (Vivation)

Sigrid Lange - Montevideo, 2000


Authentic Movement

Elisa Dieste y Joan Chodorow - Montevideo, 2000/2007


Bioenergetic Medicine Diploma

Dr. Bernardo Ferrando - Montevideo, 2000/2003


Alexander Technique - Certified by STAT 

Walter Carrington and Merran Poplar - London/Buenos Aires, 2002/2009

Transpersonal Psychology

Escuela Sudamericana de Psicología Transpersonal - Montevideo 2004


Bioenergetic Osteopathy Certification

Montserrat Gascon - Montevideo/Barcelona, 2004/2009


Diploma in Family Constellations

Centro Uruguayo Bert Hellinger & Centro Latinoamericano de Constelaciones Familiares - Montevideo/Buenos Aires, 2004/2008

NLP Practitioner

Escuela de PNL del Uruguay - Montevideo, 2005

Diploma Hellinger Sciencia (Family Constellations)

Bert Hellinger - Buenos Aires, México, Austria 2008/2009

Individual Constellations

Eduardo Fain - Buenos Aires, 2008/2010

CranioSacral Therapy

Upledger Institute, Montevideo, 2010/2011

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner - Certified by Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Peter Levine, Lael K. Keen, & Sonia Gomes - Brazil 2010/2012

Timeless Wisdom Training

Thomas Hübl - Germany, 2014/2017


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Diane Long & Louise Simmons - Scotland/Italy, since 2015

Collective Healing (Pocket Project)

Thomas Hübl - Israel, 2016 - 2017

MBT (Mentalization-Based Treatment) - Basic Training

Anthony Bateman - Anna Freud Centre - London, 2021

Trauma Informed Leadership

Thomas Hübl, 2022

Collective Trauma Facilitator's Training

Thomas Hübl, 2022 - 2023 


Bioenergetic Osteopathy Teacher Certification

Montserrat Gascon - Montevideo/Barcelona, 2009

Organizational Constellations

Gunthard Weber, Jan Jacob Stam, Elisabeth Ferrari, Ilse Gschwend & others - Buenos Aires/Montevideo, 2008 - 2013

Specialization in Social Trauma

Anngwyn St. Just - Buenos Aires/Montevideo/Zurich, 2009 - 2014

Advanced Training in Systemic Constellations

Stephan Hausner - Germany, 2014 / 2017


Psycho-physical Support - Advanced Training for Alexander Technique Teachers 

Ron Murdock & Nadia Kevan - Netherlands, 2014 - 2015


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