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Building on practices of meditation and mindfulness as well as on psycho-somatic therapies and scientific research, TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION brings an important accent on the relational dimension of our healing and awakening path.


In TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION we practice expanding the awareness of ourselves, the other, and the spaces amongst us. We learn to recognize and foster an integrated experience in ourselves, in our social interactions, families, and teams. While we gather for inspiration, learning, and refinement of the work, the actual practice is no longer confined to some extra time apart from our busy schedules. We practice TC with each decision we make, in each interaction. The more we practice, the more we become aware of the dimension of reality where our true longing and potential abides: the dimension of our interconnectedness, the longing of our hearts. 


Through the practice of TC not only we grow in awareness of our personal calling and self-realization, but we also find creative ways to bridge the gap between personal and collective purposes, and, therefore, to build sustainable organizations, institutions, and communities.


Through guided meditations, contemplation, and simple exercises, the practice of TC, brings together people to:

  • Practice deep listening

  • To refine the perception of themselves, the other and the interpersonal space

  • To co-create a healthy feedback culture





The best way to learn and practice TC is being part of a regular practice group. There are over 50 local and online groups worldwide. You can find more information about these here:



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