Our mutual interdependence is key for our health and wellbeing. Latest scientific research reaffirms this ancient truth. However, post-modern culture overvalues independence, and our gained freedom often comes with the price of loneliness, lack of meaning and purpose, interpersonal conflicts, and lack of social coherence. Lacking social coherence, human beings are at the mercy of power lead by other interests than our well-being and survival.


Reinventing a culture of relatedness requires us to deal with outdated beliefs and prejudices, but also with psycho-somatic reactions that are deeply ingrained in our brains and bodies. While we can change beliefs by reasoning, changing psycho-somatic habits requires repeated action, meaning: PRACTICE.


Mindfulness and meditation are key practices for personal growth and awakening which are, luckily, becoming more popular worldwide. Building on these and other traditional practices from wisdom traditions, the practice of TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION brings an important innovation: the relational dimension.


In TC we practice seeing ourselves, the other, and the spaces amongst us. We learn to recognize and foster an integrated experience in ourselves, in our social interactions, families, and teams. While we get together for inspiration, learning, and refinement of the work, the actual practice is no longer confined to some extra time apart from our busy schedules. We practice TC with each decision we make, in each interaction. The more we practice, the more we become aware of a whole dimension of reality where our true longing and potential abides: the dimension of our interconnectedness, the longing of our hearts. 


With such a practice, not only we have personal growth and self-realization, but we also find creative ways to bridge the gap between personal and collective purposes, and, therefore, to build sustainable communities which, in turn, are capable of co-creating a sustainable global culture.


Through guided meditations, contemplation, and simple exercises, the practice of TC, brings together people in their cities and communities to:

  • Practice deep listening

  • To refine the perception of themselves, the other and the interpersonal space

  • To co-create a healthy feedback culture



In March 2019, I have started to lead a Practice Group in Montevideo, Uruguay.  There is the possibility of a new group starting in Findhorn, Scotland. To find groups in Berlin, or other places worldwide, please visit Practice Groups - Thomas Hübl




Giselle Charbonnier