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Learning to live a new lifestyle requires practice. A sustainable lifestyle requires an integral vision and, therefore, an integral practice.


An integral practice is an inquiry into, as well as a reminder of, our greatest potential. Bringing this inquiry and reminder into everyday life is the means to our personal and collective evolution.


Drawing from wisdom traditions of thousands of years, the latest scientific findings, and rooted in the present connection with higher states of consciousness, together with each person we find and develop a personal practice that is flexible, alive, and adequate for the present state of being.


An integral practice is designed and develops moment to moment by:

1.- Developing a state of mindfulness of our sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

2.- Following in depth our personal line of inquiry in order to discover the essential qualities we want to manifest.







As humanity evolves towards a global civilization, the need to find pacific means to coexist and co-create becomes obvious and more urgent than ever. While, in ancient times, saint and sages may have found their spiritual realization in solitue, in modern times we have the urge and the readiness to collectively evolve into a more conscious humanity. By readiness, I mean that, nowadays, we have both scientific knowledge, and a substancial critical mass of people who have devoted themselves to the practice of mindfulness, meditation and personal growth. Time has come to bring these practices more directly into the interpersonal realm to co-create a healthy global culture.


The practice of transparent communication, according to Thomas Hübl, brings together people in their cities and communities to

  • Practice deep listening & subtle competencies

  • Refine the perception of ourselves, the other and the interpersonal space

  • Create a healthy feedback culture


In March 2019, I have started to lead a Practice Group in Montevideo, Uruguay.  There is the possibility of a new group starting in Findhorn, Scotland. To find groups in Berlin, or other places worldwide, please visit Practice Groups - Thomas Hübl








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