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Systemic Constellations bring to light the hidden dynamics of our relational lives. They are a powerful reminder that we do not exist alone. We are relational beings. Our health and wellbeing reflect the health of our relational fields. 


Belonging, equilibrium in giving and taking, and respect for natural hierarchies; are the key systemic principles that sustain our mental, emotional and physical health. Through many years of practice, the work of family constellations has evidenced that, when these basic conditions are not met, love can’t flow, and this may have powerful effects on our health and wellbeing.


The practice of Systemic Constellations is about restoring the natural equilibrium in our relationships, finding healthier places for us, and including in our hearts those who have been excluded from our systems.


This work can be done either in group or individual settings. It can bring answers and set in motion healing processes for relational conflicts, physical symptoms, and decision making in general.


My way of working in this field is informed by my training and experience with trauma therapy and mystical principles, which bring important qualities:


  • The gentleness, precision, and safety which come by including the felt sense and the organic principles of trauma healing.


  • The inclusion of the transpersonal perspective, as the most powerful resource for transformation.


Systemic awareness is a practice in itself, which can be included in our mindfulness practices. The way towards restoration starts by bringing the systemic principles into our awareness. The more we live in the harmony of these principles, the more we experience flow in our lives, and the more we contribute to a more harmonious environment.





Giselle Charbonnier