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The practice of Systemic Constellations is about restoring the natural equilibrium in our relationships, bringing to light the hidden dynamics of our relational lives, finding healthier places for us, and for all those who belong to our relational fields.

Through many years of practice, this work has brought to light certain basic conditions that need to exist in order for love to flow in our relational fields. Bert Hellinger, the person who contributed the most to the initial development and expansion of this field, called these conditions the "orders of love", and they are:

  • Including all those who belong

  • Equilibrium in giving and taking

  • Respect for natural hierarchies


These are fundamental principles - higher laws - that we find in all spiritual traditions yet, these have not been fully honored in much of our modern and postmodern thinking (including some modern and postmodern therapeutic modalities). After decades of experience with Systemic Constellations it has become more evident for a huge part of the international therapeutic communities that stuck processes and illnesses are mostly symptoms of one or more of these principles not being respected. When all those who belong are honored, including our ancestors - regardless of their life circumstances, when the right order is found in a system, life and love can flow. The fulfillment of these principles is key to our mental, emotional, and physical health.

For every question or conflict, there is a relational aspect that can be seen under the light of systemic constellations. Through this work, we can find answers and set in motion healing processes for relational conflicts, physical symptoms, professional issues, and decision making in general.


This work can be done either in group or in individual settings. My personal way of working is informed by my training and experience with trauma therapy, transpersonal psychology, and mystical principles, which added important qualities to my practice:

  • The gentleness, precision, and safety of including the somatic dimension and the organic principles of trauma healing.

  • The inclusion of the transpersonal or spiritual perspective, as the most powerful resource for transformation.


Systemic awareness - being mindful of our relational fields - is a practice in itself, which can be included in our mindfulness practices. The way towards restoration and growth starts by bringing the orders of love into our awareness. The more we live in alignment with these higher laws, the more we experience flow in our lives, and the more we contribute to a harmonious, healing, and creative environment.






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