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"I discovered through my work that there is a powerful ally. This powerful ally is the self-healing nature of the world. If we allow it, the world wants to heal. We just need to create a bigger space so that polarized forces can integrate into a higher potential" - Thomas Hübl

All over the world today we have strong polarizations whose representatives manifest completely opposing opinions and interests and who fight against each other. In the healing work, we often say that, if there are two conflicting forces, we cannot resolve this conflict only by looking at the forces that are anyway stuck. We have to create a larger, safer space, a healing environment. This is what good trauma therapy is all about: a therapist or a group creating a larger space around these stagnations. This is what makes movement, openness, and new ways of relating possible. We also see this in conflict resolution: what a good mediator does is provide a perspective that embraces and transcends the conflict.

We need to polarize when we cannot contain a situation. The more mature and wise we become, the more of life we can include in the way we live. We can contain more shades of gray. It's not just black or white. It's not just right or wrong. If we can contain a conflict in our awareness, with all the discomfort that comes with it, the parts can find new movement in this larger space.

Embracing conflict in our hearts does not mean assent to injustices. We often see confrontations between activism and spirituality, but in embodied spirituality, action is also present. We are in the world and we feel called to respond. It is not a matter of seeking a superficial harmony. This is the risk of what we sometimes call spiritual bypass - the pathology of spiritual practice, which avoids conflict by deepening alternative channels that take us further away from the transformation necessary for integration.

If spirituality is grounded, it is amazingly powerful, because it gives us discernment, clarity, concentration, love, compassion, care, presence. These are real powers. The broader our perspective, the more specific and effective our response will be.

When our spiritual wisdom is grounded, we also don't feel the need to be surrounded only by "conscious people" because we cannot tolerate different forms of behavior. It is true that sometimes we need protected healing spaces, but we do not want to create a community that evades the real problems of our world.

Today we face global emergencies that require creative responses rooted in our ancestral and collective wisdom. Our current problems need broader networks of consciousness. That is where our current evolution is emerging.

This article is based on an interview to Thomas Hübl:

You can watch it here




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